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Your name is a part of you, but it doesn’t define you. You are defined by your personality, your values, your style, and [BE] Social was born of that same mindset.


[BE] Social started out as a dream of a small-town girl with big-city style and even bigger ideas. I wanted people to be able to show off their unique selves, so I set off on a mission to design a store for you! I wanted you to be able to find the style that speaks to you; that brought out your personality, and made the outside replicate the inside.


So what is in a name? Our brand is centered around you and when you most enjoy showing off that winning style. Naturally, this occurs most when we are rocking it at a social event, and let’s face it, where does that amazing picture you took with your bestie at the event show up? Social Media of course! The ‘social’ of [Be] Social uncovered.


Now, the [BE] isn’t telling you to just go be social. It’s more than that, it goes deeper. [BE] was created from the sense of “being.” Your “being” is your authentic self. Your style that speaks to you from the depths of your soul. When you wear your look, you not only feel amazing, but you own it; it’s simply you. My hope is that when you walk into our store, you see yourself. That we are able to help take that unique style you have inside and allow you to express it to the world! Fashion, no matter what your style, allows you to express yourself organically and gives you the creative outlet to be exclusively you.