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What is Your Perfect Prom Dress Style?

April 22, 2018

What is Your Perfect Prom Dress Style?

Prom is one of the biggest events for a girl in high school. With getting your hair and makeup done, to dancing through the night to music with your friends. The outfit you choose will be remembered through memories and photographs. Therefore, you must find that one dress that truly fits you perfectly! 

There are so many factors to consider when looking for your prom dress. For example; your skin tone and body type.

Body Shape

It is important to identify closely what body shape you have.

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Banana Figures: With Banana shapes, its important to find a dress that gives the illusion of a smaller waist. Try a dress with a beautiful belt, or a two-piece. Even a ball gown would look amazing!


Apple Figures: Dresses with embellishments on the top or a deep V is going to draw attention away from the waist focusing on your chest and your collarbone.

Pear Figures: For girls that have an upper body and lower body that are different sizes; a lace up back would be perfect! Not only does it show off your waist, but allows room for girls with different bust sizes. Pair it with a fitted or flowy skirt to show off your curves or give off a subtle look!

Hourglass Figures: Being an hourglass shape means you can get away with wearing just about anything! From a stunning fitted dress to a beautiful ball gown. 


Skin Tone

Everyone has different skin tones which means different colors suit each person in different ways! 

First determine whether your skin tone is Pink toned (pink, red or bluish undertones) orWarm toned (yellow, peachy or golden undertones) 

The best ways to determine your skin tone is by checking your veins in your wrists. If your veins look more blue you most likely have cooler undertones. If your veins look more green you likely have warmer undertones. 

If it's hard to determine your skin tone then you most likely have a neutral skin tone. 

If you have cooler undertones your go to colors are going to be ruby, cerise, and bright pinks or roses. Emerald colors such as blues, purples and greens go very well with this skin ton. Try to stay away from Oranges and yellows. 

If you have warmer undertones your go to colors are going to be deeper turquoise, greens and blues and magentas. Earth tones and metallic colors go perfect with this skin tone. Try to stay away from jeweled tones like ruby or sapphire and icy colors. 

If you've found that your skin tone is more neutral go to colors like dusty pinks, jade green, soft rose, and jade greens. Pastel colors are perfect for this skin color.  Try to stay away from bright colors like bright reds and yellows that will overwhelm you skin tone and make it look more dull. 

Come visit us and see what looks and makes you feel your absolute best! 


Article by Kenzi M. 

121 Mill St, Suite 120, Gahanna, OH 43230





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